LA Artcore is dedicated to recognizing diverse artistic accomplishments and bringing innovative exhibits and events to the public. LA Artcore welcomes artists of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to enhance interactions between different constituencies.


To play an instrumental role in the future of a healthy and dynamic society through promoting awareness of the essence of creativity by linking artists and the public into dialogue through its exhibits and events.


LA Artcore is dedicated to expanding interactions between artists and audience and to provide a platform to enhance the exchange of information, ideas and feelings. LA Artcore facilitates awareness of the essence of creativity through twenty four annual exhibits, conducting "Conversations with the Artists" hosted by representatives from the Board of Directors. We share with people of all ages and cultural backgrounds and provide the opportunity to interact directly with the artist. Artists in return gain insight and clarity about their work through communications with a broad-based audience. To accomplish this mission LA Artcore provides programs which includes the following: Exhibitions, Community Dialogue and Cultural Awareness.