Educational Programs

A Public Invitation to Learn about Contemporary Art

LA Artcore has a long standing in educational programming. In addition to our 24+ exhibitions per year, we pay close attention to the creative process by developing and offering art education opportunities. Whether they are focused on children, high school students or lifelong learners, we take pride that our programs are based on California professional standards for teaching

"I am elated that I had the opportunity to step into the creative safe haven of LA Artcore's enthusiastic arms. For a few hours my mind was able to let go and really take the time to appreciate the little things around me. But the most important thing I learned from my experience at Artcore was not being afraid of making mistakes. That freedom is truly priceless." - AM



Every Exhibit includes a Conversation with the Artist

Students of David Moen and Tony Mosca: Conversation with the Artist: Over 300 students of all ages in the Los Angeles area had an opportunity to see their work exhibited in a gallery.

As a standard part of every exhibit, we introduce the artist to the audience with our Conversations with the Artists program. A board member introduces the artist to the guests; the artist gives a statement, answers questions, and often provides demonstrations of technique. Some of the artists exhibiting in our galleries present hands-on workshops to our audience. This experience combines theoretical and practical techniques that professional artists demonstrate through guided workshops, to combine with a guest's own understanding of making art.

Artist Technique Workshops

Frequently exhibiting artists present a spontaneous opportunity to offer the public insight into their methods and techniques. Often these workshops include material that is connected to the unique cultural background of the the artist themselves, or public participation is already a central part of the artist's work.

(A) In a highly educational exhibit by master New York printmaker Prawat Laucharoen, guests had the opportunity to create their own prints throughout the exhibit. (B) Internationally reknowned artist Rirkrit Tiravanija prepared food as part of his exhibit for gallery visitors. (C) Ttozoi, in cooperation with the Institute for Italian Culture, brought their organic material painting methods to Artcore.

Free Workshops for Community Youth

In a time when the local school district can scarcely offer occaisonal experiences with art, we are stepping in to fill a necessary role in the community. Small classes, professional artist-educators, taught within the dynamic environment of a working art gallery. We translate concept into experience delivering critical skills in individual and multi-week workshops.

Our latest major youth workshop was taught by lifetime Los Angeles resident, professional artist and educator Luis Becerra. Close supervision with a class of 12, the students built a model of a city, learning about the interactions necessary within a large system, how to collaborate to make parts of a whole, civil planning and a variety of construction and painting skills. The summer class ran twelve two-hour sessions, with three sessions a week, and concluded with an exhibit.

"I have been intimidated, and to be honest, afraid to paint/draw ever since Kindergarden. I was scolded by my teacher back then for the way I added a slant to figures I was drawing during an art lesson - this experience of making a "mistake" or "doing it wrong" has stuck with me my whole life. Artcore's recent lecture series, taught by David Moen, has allowed me to let go of my fears and trust in MY artistic expression, even if slants are involved. " - NV


Continuing Education - Classes and Field Trips for Adults

Because we believe education is a lifelong process, LA Artcore has developed specialized workshop classes that are directed towards adults. These four week sessions are designed for an audience that wants to understand historical art movements and theories. The most recent workshop offered was Understanding Abstract Art, taught by David Moen, lifelong artist and instructor. Each session is designed to be interactive, using language that is easily understood and culminates with a hands- on workshop that reiterates and applies all the concepts learned. We've also conducted tours of several of the primary local Contemporary Art museums in our neighborhood, with guided instruction.

"All my life, I have represented creative people. I have represented recording artists, music video directors, songwriters and producers. Always a salesperson and a consummate business woman, I never considered myself a creative person, per se. So I was truly amazed to find that I could actually tap into my creative side after just a few hours of instruction at Artcore. It was a lot of fun and I met some very fascinating and talented classmates. One of the most interesting things about art is self-discovery. Our instructor, David, showed me how my energy manifested itself in the brushstrokes of each of my pieces. I was not fully aware of this aspect of my personality nor was I aware of my own latent power … it truly helped me find my strength. My favorite part of the class was the field trip to LACMA. There, we could view the incredible art created by the masters with the knowledge we had accumulated in the past four weeks. It was like being able to read with new eyes!! The sense of accomplishment I felt was very exciting!!" - LM

Documentation of Artists

As part of LA Artcore's mission to develop the careers of artists, we also provide them with documentation support to help them build audiences and educate the public about their work, and bridge the connection between artist and public. We provide translation services, photography, and write articles about a number of them which are made available online in our Webzine. Have a look and learn more about some of the artists who have show with us: LA Artcore Webzine