International exchange program

Artcore is a facilitator of international exchange shows

Started in the 1970s when Korean professors from Seoul University were in search of venues to exhibit their art works. Hence, Artcore became established as an exhibition space open to all visual artists, local and foreign, emerging and professional.


International exchange show (IES)

IES is an educational program that provides exposure and interaction with different cultures that can expand your knowledge and involvement as an artist. Many local artists, by experiencing different cultures and diverse approaches, begin to recognize and clarify their own approaches.

The IES program allows US artists to exhibit and work together with their colleagues in foreign countries. In turn, a group of artists is invited to our city to experience the Los Angeles culture, the camaraderie of local artists, and to show their work.

IES reinforces our mission of developing the careers of artists.

current IES program includes exchange in:

Thailand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Italy.

Voluntary leaders of IES

  • Thailand — Kamol Tassananchalee
  • Japan — Nobu Kano
  • Korea — Won Sil Kim
  • Taiwan — Echo Lew
  • Italy — Renato and Cynthia Penna

IES 2016

The reciprocal nature of the IES program allowed Korean Artists to show at the Artcore Brewery Annex Feb 3-13, 2016 and US artists to show in Korea Oct 6-20, 2016.

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