Current & Upcoming exhibitions


LA Artcore is pleased to present the works of seven Tokyo-based artists in an exhibit organized by Tokyo-based artist Mitsunori Kurashige, Los Angeles-based artist Robert Walker, and Artcore's late founder and Director Lydia Takeshita.

Having espoused the value of cross-cultural connection, this exhibit is the product of Takeshita's 40-year directorial development. The building blocks of Lydia's impetus gave rise to a decidedly multicultural environment at Artcore, with artists regularly arriving to exhibit from Japan, Thailand, Korea, Italy, Germany, Canada, and Taiwan throughout the past four decades. Takeshita also sent many artists from L.A. abroad. Within this context where many friendships are forged, a larger international community of artists arises.

This dynamic outlook traverses cultural, ethnic, economic, and racial boundaries, serving to broaden each artist's perspective in the process of experiencing a new place. Art in the Nomad Grid is a true taste of experiencing a different place expressed through what might be recognizable materials, and yet, whose approach feels remote, distant, and yet tangible. Viewers are invited to look, ask questions, ponder, and grasp these artists' inventive methods, technologies, and juxtapositions of media. Many small and large interventions have taken place throughout both of Artcore's galleries and viewers are invited to take part in these works and their many pure offerings.