Renée Amitai's September Exhibit "Fly & Bloom"


Architect and French Artist Renee Amitai exhibiting artwork at L.A. Artcore Brewery Annex in Downtown Los Angeles is an exciting culmination of oil on glass, canvas, and mono prints on Mylar. Amitai is a graduate from l'Ecole des Beaux Arts de Paris, France. She gained professional experience in design and architecture in France, Israel, Italy and America. She is an international artist whose exhibited all over the world since the mid-1990's.

Her abstract oil series on glass Fly and Bloom recalls golden sunrises and deep blue hued dusks that are welcoming pauses of inspiration. Amitai’s paintings act borderless and timeless on glass that have no end but only beginnings. They inspire to imagine what it might mean to bloom and fly.  This series touches on subjects of growth, discovery and challenge prescribed notions of happiness. Her paintings unfold the mystery behind all acts of nature. She brings color to speak and engage with the spectator through a color combination that never ceases to share her most profound sentiments of hope, liberty and harmony. Her blue hues remind one of a Paris dusk performing the welcome ritual of a new start that comes with every sunrise. Her technique spreads across the canvas with the moving delicacy of a Ginkgo leaf engaging dancing the wind. Amitai’s work transmits sensitivity, simplicity and warmth.

She is playful, yet willing to challenge any obstacle that impedes blooming and flying. Her titles are poetic assemblages that gathered together become Haiku’s like her paintings; Gingko in the Wind, Gingko and a Bird, A Glorious Morning can be a New Beginning.

Jimmy Centeno

Artist and Writer

September 10, 2017