Hiroko Yoshimoto’s Biodiversity Expressions

Biodiversity #17 - 30"x80" Oil on Canvas 2012

Biodiversity #17 - 30"x80" Oil on Canvas 2012


Inspired by the making of nature and its millennial contribution in creating what we know as the biodiversity that lives and breathes amongst us all is the point of inspiration for Hiroko Yoshimoto. She was born and raised in Japan before moving to Los Angeles.  She studied in the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) graduating with a BA and MA in Art.  She has exhibited throughout the state of California and Japan.

Her most recent exhibit series, Biodiversity presented at L.A. Artcore in Downtown Los Angeles brings forth the unseen relevance of nature to our existence. Yoshimoto’s work draws from reading American Biologist E.O. Wilson who emphasizes the importance of diversity amongst the species and how through a mutually-inclusive understanding of the role each species plays, and its importance to preserve humanity. To save the natural diversity for Wilson is a fight for life.

Yoshimoto experiments her intuitive creativity on canvas. Her abstract paintings explore the multiple dimensions and layers found in the organic world. She is intrigued by the individual’s sensorial response to the concept of her paintings. The paintings are organic shapes in the process of unfolding in flight and movement. Her expressive input in this series done with kindness and reflection is a conversation with the biodiversity as a landscape of life. She selects a palate of colors that are soft and loud simultaneously. Her chosen medium is mostly oil on canvas. Yoshimoto’s canvases are detail-oriented and multilayered with no hard edges.  At times, her lines and curves interact in ways that draw patterns associated with nature: plants, birds, and butterflies. Yoshimoto’s emphasis pictures the micro inter-related activities of life growing and stretching its boundaries and limits.

Her process starts with doodling, intuition, and memory on paper then transitions and maps onto the canvas.  One can find no center nor a point of perception to win our attention to a specific area, instead she invites the viewer to explore in any direction. This body of work is unstructured expressions of micro-life amplified, from its concealment to visibility. Each brush stroke in her work is a response to the one before and the one after.

Yoshimoto’s watercolor on paper with Japanese ink merges in space, blending a dance of multiple encounters.  They are sound waves that move to the flow of her imagination, like a Sonata resonates with every pitch of color. Different shades of gray fuse creative tints and highlights. One stroke of ink by her hand allows the ink to take shape in any unpremeditated way. It is her means of sharing the spontaneity of life and imagination.

This body of work is playful and serious. It invites the viewer to celebrate all that we cannot imagine which is crucial to the biodiversity of our existence. The extinction of one creature or a plant by man’s destructive actions withers away our humanity. In this series with all its dimensions of communication bring the future in view in hopes that we come to understand what is at peril.


Jimmy Centeno


 Writer and Artist

October 16, 2017