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Help Support careers and diversity in the Contemporary Visual Arts for the City of Los Angeles




Print this donation form and mail to:

LA Artcore
120 Judge John Aiso St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Office: (213) 617-3274


Dear Friend,

On behalf of LA Artcore, I would like to extend my deepest thanks for helping us arrive at our 33rd year of service. Your contributions have enabled LA Artcore to provide two galleries that consecutively provide 24 compelling art exhibitions each year, and professional guidance for career artists. Your contributions provide art education programs for children and adults, and special cultural events that enrich our local communities.

With our first donor campaign we were able to meet our initial goals and we are encouraged by the response. LA Artcore relies on continual fundraising to support our mission and provide programs that make innovative contemporary art accessible to the public. With your sustaining help we are able to make our organization the center of the L.A. arts nonprofit community, and your donations make you a participant in this effort.

Now is the time to donate. Together, we can make Los Angeles a vibrant place by delivering and nourishing the arts in our city.


Lydia Takeshita
Executive Director



Your Donation Supports These Programs:

At least 24 Exhibitions Annually
International Exchange Exhibitions
Artist Talks and Technique Demonstrations
Art Education Workshops for Adults
Youth Mentoring Programs
Special Community Events
Guest Lectures

· We're a brick and mortar operation with a track record, not some startup with a slick design team... remember the dotcom boom and bust? We're as concrete as they come, a steady wheel and a good investment.

· We're built to last. With a minimal style and sharp mission focus, we've been doing this for more than 30 years. That's no small feat for a small nonprofit.

· We exist thanks to our patrons, which means we are the result of meeting specific community needs. With Los Angeles as a crossroads of the world, how can we not be passionate about our objectives, and find many friends along the way?




    Lydia Takeshita
    Anonymous Gift

    Larry Bell
    Ann & David Gooding
    Sayago & Pardon

    Sonny Chalermchatra
    Cathy King
    Seung Kyung Choe
    Art Division
    Dong Hyun Chung
    Cynzia & Renato Penna
    Mira Chung
    Brad Hobson
    Robert Newman
    Venezuelan Artists
    Terrence Jackson
    George Kalmar
    Joan Vaupen
    Francisco Letelier
    Dolores Kent
    Huri Slatopolsky
    Alberto Gorodi Fine Arts

    Jon Nguyen
    Miguel Osana
    Janet & Richard Mackaig
    John Rosewall
    Hea Sook Yoo
    Ruth Goodman
    Barbara Barrett-Byrne
    Donald Myer
    Fresh Paint Art Advisors
    Shizuko Greenblatt
    Phil Kho
    Hiroko Yoshimoto
    Ruth Goodman
    Koojah Kim
    Kaoru Mansour
    Robert Strauss

    Grace Kim
    Junghee Sorensen
    Ann Phong
    Kunimi Terada
    Tom Castelazo
    Menthe Wells
    Mireille Soria
    Alfonso Blanch
    Paul Goebel
    Ji Eun Baek
    Pat Berger
    Sinan Revell
    Moshe Elimelech
    Roxanne Yahner
    William Clintworth
    C.F. Heatherington
    Eva Malhotra
    Takeshi Matsumoto, M.D.
    Donald Meyer
    Jae Jin Park
    Peter Zaleski
    Barry & Barbara Shaffer
    Romasha Nath
    Hea Sook Yoo Hyman

    Margaret Nowling
    Hildebrando Rios
    Lacy Fine Art
    Beverly Barton
    Jeri Coates
    Tamara Garr
    Suguru Hiraide
    Betty Disney
    R&R Shelving & Display
    Claudia Kleefeld
    Ernest Lacy
    John Outterbridge
    Whitney Rosenson
    Kenzi Shiokava
    Fred Spaulding
    Barbara West
    David Flebotte
    Janice Hobson
    Arthur Kohl
    Robert J. Newman
    Keiko Nimura
    Daniel Parish
    Julia Robinson
    Arleen Hendler
    Bruce Barton
    Wendell Dayton
    Barabara Kolo
    Blandine Saint-Oyant
    Donald W. Mayer

    Susan Sironi
    Julienne Johnson
    Keith Edwards
    AEG Live
    Joel King
    Jae Hwa Yoo
    Gurdon Miller
    Sallie Marcucci
    Mark Griffin
    Toko Tokunaga

    Dan Sheehan
    Omyrrha Levinson Rogers
    The Business of Art
    Gary Matus
    Hiroko Yoshimoto
    Rufus Snoddy
    Donald Thomas
    Christine Panushka
    Pam Hom
    Joumana Rizk
    Charles Canales
    Alicia Doddy
    Hei Myung Hyun
    James Finnegan
    Donald Thomas
    Joyce Kohl
    Kathy Sook Kim
    Ramone Muñoz
    Alex Slato
    Gurdon Miller
    Robert Walker
    Phil Kho
    Dan McCleary

    Hei Myung-Hyun
    Dolores Kent
    Chinsook Kim Moore
    Simon Rahimian
    Nadine Iris Kim
    RN Associates
    Halverson Frazier
    Donald Osberg
    Nancy Kyes
    David Moen
    Frederika B. Roeder
    Diana Wong
    Dan & Diana Stephens
    Sam Vitez
    Tony Mosca
    ME Design
    Won Sil Kim
    Renee Amitai
    Ellen Berger
    Shirley Cannon
    Beanie Kaman
    Michael Wood
    Dennies Matthies
    Emily Morgan
    Marge Rheuben
    Lorraine Zorne
    Gayle Craigton
    Nancy Goodrum
    Yoon Jin Kim
    Amy McBride
    Yoella Razili
    Gail Wong
    Edem Elesh
    Steven R. Fujimoto
    Dan Nadaner
    Toni Sherman
    Carol Wells
    Barbara West


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